Our Founder

It is said that a difficult time, like a war, can bring out the worst or the best in people. The story of one successful businessman began this way sixty-five years ago.

In search of greener pastures, a man born in China migrated to the Philippines. But World War II broke and he found himself suffering alone in a foreign land—enduring fear, hunger and pains. He witnessed the fall of Manila, horrible deaths, shattered lives and families separated in combat.

Surviving the war, he was grateful to God for his second chance at life and he made a promise to help Filipinos, whom he already considered his fellowmen, to rebuild their lives and start anew.

During those depressing years, Filipinos were deprived of the luxury of eating three meals a day. He saw that people would fight and smoke cigarettes to pass their hunger, and this gave him the idea to go into cigarette manufacturing.

His compassion towards the war victims gave him the courage to put up a small factory and venture into the cigarette business with the assistance of a few honest and trusted friends.

The process of building his factory entailed a great deal of sacrifice and was full of problems and roadblocks. In the face of adversity, he remained optimistic and continued to work towards his goal.

At first, he did everything from blending the tobacco to working as salesman, deliveryman, collector, cashier and promoter of his products. As he continued his efforts, he felt that his success would be greater if he would be blessed with a partner who could be by his side in carrying out his endeavors.

Soon after, he met a Filipina named Nelia whom he desired to spend the rest of his life with. He mustered all courage despite his shyness and did everything to have her hand in marriage.

The devout and religious couple braved many difficulties to grow their small factory. With hardwork, their humble business entity became a corporation. The company engaged in various businesses such as tobacco processing, rice milling, buy and sell of goods, insurance and construction.

The best part of his success was that he was able to fulfill his promise to give jobs to thousands of Filipinos.

The couple was also blessed with three sons and three daughters. Together with his caring wife, he taught his children the value of humility and respect for every man. Their children were raised well and are now managing the family businesses.

With all the blessings, the couple remained grounded and never claimed as theirs all that they had enjoyed in life. They gave back all the glory to God.

Their small factory, which was once known as La Campana Fabrica De Tabaccos, Inc., now carries the name Mighty Corporation.

We salute you… Mr. WONG CHU KING